Customs Clearance Services

Our educated staff have expertise in local conditions, rules and regulations.
Acting as Customs Representative, they take on the complete administration process smoothly and efficiently.

New customs union code 

A Customs Representative is any person or company that :

  • fulfills professionally all import, export and transit formalities
  • in name and on behalf of a client and
  • is acknowledged by the Customs Authorities
  • With the arrival of the new Customs Union Code, the function of Customs Representative has been extended. Until recently it was only possible for service providers to act as an Indirect Customs Representative, whereas now it is possible to apply the Direct Customs Representation.

    What has changed ?

    Declarations drafted with application of the Direct Representation are done in name and on behalf of the client, which in most cases will be the importer. No longer the customs representative, but the client  is the declarer in the legal sense and vouches for the fulfillment of the obligations of the union customs code. 

    The role of the Customs Representative focuses on the professional services of settling the customs formalities, in which he remains liable for his own actions.  Drafting a correct customs declaration remains the own responsibility of the customs representative.

    Aiming to make the logistical chain as strong as possible

    The new regulation increases the enforcement for Customs Authorities in a broad way and contributes to prevention of fraud. 

    We now declare all customs formalities acting as ‘Direct Representative’ 

    With this modification, a renewal of your former existing mandate is in order when using our customs clearance services. 

    Find here the new mandate in different languages

    Download the English version

    Download the Dutch version

    Download the French version