Why cargo insurance ?

Liability is limited by law

In international transport, the liability of carriers (hauliers, airlines, shipping lines etc.) is limited by law. Compensation may therefore be considerably lower than your actual loss. Moreover, compensation is often further limited by additional exclusions of liability.

The purpose of Cargo Insurance is to protect you against financial risks. If your shipment is damaged or lost, you can be compensated for the full replacement value of the goods, 10% profit and freight costs (optional).

DSV’s cargo insurance offers a safety net for your transports in terms of an all-risk cargo insurance at very competitive premiums. The premium is based on the category of goods, destination and the value of the cargo including 10% imaginary profit. Freight charges can be included when specified.

Understanding the risks and liabilities is critical for any international company who trades goods. Find out more on the next pages.


MCI Brokers nv is an insurance broker authorized by the Belgian FSMA under license number 109018A. The liability of MCI Brokers nv is limited to the amount paid out by its professional liability insurance.
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