Cargo Insurance Conditions

General information


DSV’s cargo insurance offers a safety net for your transports in terms of an all-risk cargo insurance at very competitive premiums. The premium is based on the category of goods, destination and the value of the cargo plus 10%. Freight charges can be included when specified.

Goods category    

One of the factors that will determine the premium is the category to which the goods can be classified. There are four goods categories:
  1. New commercial goods
  2. Used and/or unpacked goods
  3. Fragile goods
  4. Household goods or motor vehicles.

Terms and Conditions

The Institute Cargo Clauses (A) 2009, issued by Lloyd's Market Association and regarded as the most extensive cover available, as well as these additional clauses.

Around the world

With our insurance, your cargo is covered to and from almost all countries in the world.

Guidelines for insurance

It is the customer’s obligation to ensure that all information is complete and correct and that the insured value is the full cargo value.


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MCI Brokers nv is an insurance broker authorized by the Belgian FSMA under license number 109018A. The liability of MCI Brokers nv is limited to the amount paid out by its professional liability insurance.
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