Additional Information

Additional information

MCI Brokers nv, with registered seat at Schoonmansveld 40, BE-2870 Puurs, België RPR Mechelen BE0837 607 569, is registered under n° 109018A at the register of insurance intermediaries of the Belgian Financial Services Market Authority (FSMA).

Our services are limited to insurance agency and claims handling. MCI Brokers nv is a bound insurance agent in the sense of Belgian legislation and only acts on behalf of DSV INSURANCE A/S, Hovedgaden 630, DK-2640 Hedehusene.

Communication will be in Dutch, English, French or German and will preferably be per e-mail or by phone

Telephone +32 (0)3 897 27 86
Mobile +32 (0)476 94 56 00
  • MCI Brokers nv is registered with the
  • Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority,
  • Rue du Congrès/Congresstraat 12-14
  • BE- 1000 BRUSSELS
  • Telephone +32(0)2 220 52 11
  • Fax +32(0)2 220 52 75

The general terms and conditions of the insurance products brokered through MCI Brokers nv can be requested by e-mail or telephone.

Apart form our reporting on the handling of possible claims, we will not report on the insurance brokerage services delivered.

MCI Brokers nv has a policy on conflicts of interest and fees, which can be consulted here.


MCI Brokers nv is an insurance broker authorized by the Belgian FSMA under license number 109018A. The liability of MCI Brokers nv is limited to the amount paid out by its professional liability insurance, plus any excess that MCI Brokers nv bears in connection with such insurance.
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