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Instant price quotations with DSV Quote & Book

Discover the fastest way to get your spot-quotes and book your shipments in one go  !

Easy, fast and efficient. 


Fill in the details of your planned shipment and receive an e-mail with : 

  • the price of your transport
  • your insurance premium (optional)
  • full tariff excl. VAT
  • overview of your shipment details
  • link to the booking page

Want to make a booking ?

Click the link in the e-mail you received from us to go to the booking page.
  • all the known data about your shipment are already visible
  • you just fill in the necessary extra information
  • after you have agreed to the conditions > click BOOK
  • you receive a confirmation plus an e-mail with the booking details and a link to the public Track & Trace.     

Extra's ?

  • a useful page with all your quotes and bookings in one view
  • an addressbook with search function in the booking page

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