DSV Road nv

Our Belgian Road-organisation 


Our DSV Road nv offices are situated in Puurs (on the industrial axis between Brussels and Antwerp), Rekkem (in the southwest of Belgium, near the French border) and Eupen (near the German border). In Ghent, a dedicated office is handling a selection of traffics.

Each of these locations handles different countries

Puurs : Belgium, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Baltics, the Czech Rep., Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Russia.

Rekkem : Belgium, Luxembourg, France, UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal.

Eupen : handles traffic to and from Germany. 

Ghent : handles Sweden traffic and acts as a dedicated office, working for a selection of important customers.

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