ECO friendly transport

Carbon emission reduction is part of our ECO friendly transport

Environmental impact, or carbon footprint, is something we constantly try to reduce. The progress we make in terms of our environmental impact and CO2 emissions is announced in connection with our financial reports.

Reduction of carbon emissions and harmful particles

Over a five-year period, we have reduced our carbon emissions by more than 4 per cent measured in grams per kilometre driven. Over the same period, we have reduced our emissions of harmful particles by nearly 50 per cent measured in grams per kilometre driven.

Calculation of carbon footprint and CO2

Every year we calculate our overall environmental impact, our carbon footprint. The overall carbon footprint of DSV Road was around 1.47 million tons CO2 in 2012, corresponding to 47 per cent of the total carbon footprint of DSV. When measured per ton of cargo per kilometre driven, the carbon emissions of DSV Road amounted to approx. 80 grams (CO2/ton/km). 

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