Automotive logistics

Integrated solutions for a complex world

DSV has been a major player in the global automotive industry for well over 20 years. We provide high-quality and innovative solutions in demanding situations, leaving our clients free to apply their resources to what really matters: their core business. 

We offer solutions that include aftermarket logistics, spare part logistics, tyre logistics, 2-wheel/motorcycle logistics, automotive supply chain activities, inbound logistics and production logistics. By delivering operational efficiencies with better visibility and control, you can outsource logistics management and operations in a collaborative environment in which processes are customised and supported by a sector-specific and flexible global IT system. 

Our automotive logistics solutions

Car logistics
Build-to-order, increased model mixes and reduced inventory are just some of your needs that drive automotive supply chain complexity. Our synchronised personal car logistics solutions, from the supplier base to the assembly line, deliver efficiency, control, and reduced costs while improving quality.

Commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles

Fluctuating demand, volatile fuel costs and reducing carbon emissions are among the factors shaping this market. Our in-bound to manufacturing services collect your supplier parts through "milk runs" or FTL by using our dedicated trailer fleet. And we optimise the parts flow and support assembly plants in our consolidation centres by supplying JIS and/or JIT.

Motorcycle and recreational vehicles

You need specialised delivery equipment in this cost-sensitive consumer category, and the most efficient route to market for your merchandise, garments and service parts. Our warehousing and distribution solutions strengthen your customers' value chains and support your manufacturing processes from inbound-to-manufacturing, sequencing and assembly services, right through to handling your after-sales service logistics operations.

Aftermarket – supplying the spare parts

Keeping vehicles on the road requires efficient logistics for spare parts. We design and optimise supply chains to deliver parts to dealers, using sophisticated inventory management to keep you in control and give end-to-end visibility.
Our distribution experts ensure that agreed service levels are maintained, and performance tracked, leaving you free to manage your dealer relationships. Furthermore, agile distribution methods simplify processes and reduce errors, and we can also manage eligible returns.

Our experience in Belgium 

In Belgium, we operate various warehouses for our automotive customers and are continuously working to adapt our solutions to meet the current challenges of this industry. 
We offer multiple services and our experience includes the following market segments: •
  • Passenger cars
  • Commercial, construction & agriculture
  • Motorcycle and recreational solutions
  • System and component suppliers
  • Service and spare parts logistics

In Puurs, DSV Belgium handles the logistics operations of customers active in the automotive spare parts market segment, supplying the aftermarkets such as dealers and garages. For our automotive customer in Ghent, in addition to in-sequence inbound logistics, we handle the full supply chain, including the storage of finished goods and direct delivery to end customers. In Anderlecht we are specialised in the handling and sequencing of car seats.

In our warehouse in Zedelgem, we provide industrial and agricultural automotive solutions. We manage storage, buffering and all the required logistics flows as well as we perform in-sequence inbound logistics including preassembly and kitting.

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