Logistic solutions for customs clearance

To help you enter new markets and deal with the wide scope of formalities and regulations you may encounter importing/exporting, DSV Solutions offers you a range of services in relation to customs, VAT and other regulatory aspects to ensure, secure and monitor compliance.

European Custom Regulations

Our operational DSV sites have dedicated customs teams, all existing of well-trained and skilled employees knowing their way around in European customs regulations. They can offer you support and guidance and are a reliable sparring partner in solving customs issues.

European VAT Regulation

In addition to traditional customs procedures, foreign companies setting up activities in Europe face a variety of tax implications especially VAT related. Although European VAT regulations are based on EU Directives and therefore highly harmonized, VAT aspects may differ from country to country. DSV Solutions offers support and guidance to manage this. In various countries we offer fiscal representation, a unique tool enabling DSV Solutions to take over a significant part of VAT related obligations for you. In combination with customs clearance we offer a full package of customs and tax compliance.

Additional regulations your company can be subject to are: environmental regulations, export control related regulations (sanctions, embargoes, dual use), trade regulations and corporate governance related regulations. DSV Solutions has the awareness and the tools to guide you to comply with all these regulations.

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