Additional functions for DSV e-services

We offer a wide range of additional functions to our DSV e-services package.

Following additional functions are available:
  • Import Addresses 
  • Consolidate Shipments
  • Basic/Advanced Integration (EDI)
  • Price Enquiries (*) 
  • CO2 Calculation (*)
  • Lead Times (*)

(*) available for some European countries

Import Addresses

Guarantee accuracy and quality by transferring your existing addresses.

We can help you import your existing address database into our database to save you from entering the information manually.

Save Time and Minimise Errors
Your addresses will be listed in a drop down menu from which you can easily select the relevant address. The address register is time-saving and minimises errors as addresses are only entered once and are reused from this database.

Consolidate Shipments

Group your shipments before booking.

This function allows you to consolidate 2 or more shipments, before they are ordered to DSV.

Basic/Advanced Integration

Integrate your existing system and streamline your information flow - a free of charge service.(*)

The handling of shipments becomes more effective by integrating your existing order/business system with ours. This allows you to use one single administrative system regardless of the number of carriers, with full access to the follow-up tools in DSV e-services.

Integration can be set up in different ways depending on the information you are able to transfer.

Basic Integration
Integration is possible for all ERP systems.
Integrated order information is only registered once in your ERP system and then automatically sent to and registered in our system.

Advanced Integration
Advanced Integration allows automatic consolidation, update of existing orders, and status feedback to your ERP.

If you have specific preferences, we are happy to customise a solution to satisfy your needs and requirements.

Over 40 Different Order and Business Systems Already Integrated
In addition to basic and advanced integration, we have a number of standard connections to the majority of order and business systems, such as Navision, AS/400, Concorde, SAP, Monitor, Visma/SPCS and Streamserver.

Click here for more information about integration requirements (PDF)

(*): certain conditions must be met

Price Enquiries

Get full control and an easy overview of your transport economy

You can either enquire about individual prices or allow the system to fix a price automatically. You can also add a surcharge which is convenient for re-invoicing. Price enquiries can be made in the currency of your choice.

This function gives you many advantages, including:

  • Web-based tool
  • No local installations required
  • Easy calculation of transport costs
  • Complete control of the transport economy of each consignment
  • Possibility to extract further cost specifications, e.g. administration fee, currency and fuel fee

Price Enquiries is suitable for you if you want complete control of your overall transport economy as well as the expenses of individual consignments. 

CO2 Calculation

See in one single glance how much CO2 your shipment will generate. DSV cares about our environment. We do every effort to lower the emission of CO2.

Lead Times

Integrated Lead Times provides you estimated delivery dates throughout whole Europe.

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