Career opportunities in Belgium

At DSV in Belgium we are always looking for talented individuals.
Check out our current vacancies.

As a global supplier of transport and logistics services, we offer great career opportunities to the right individuals. When employed with DSV you will receive the requisite training to develop the professional competences that will benefit your future career with DSV. Please click on the job titles for more details on our open vacancies. 

Current Vacancies




Site Manager
 Seneffe  Solutions  L442 FEY 106 0002 
Preventie Adviseur
 Gent  Solutions  L442 GNE 106 0040 
Credit Collector
 Puurs  Holding  I44B PUU 106 0004 
Tender Officer
 Puurs  Road  R440 PUU106 0023
Expediteur Import
 Machelen  Air & Sea  R442 PUU 106 0002 
Sales Manager
 Puurs  Solutions  R442 PUU 106 0002 
Account Manager
 Puurs  Road  R440 PUU 106 0012 
Documentation Specialist  Puurs  Air & Sea  R440 PUU 106 0010
Team Leader Warehouse
 Puurs  Solutions  L440 PUU 206 0014
Business Support Specialist
 Puurs  Road  R440 PUU 106 0002
Customer Service Agent
 Puurs  Solutions  L440 PUU 106 0010
Administrative Assistant
 Puurs  Road  L440 PUU 106 0017
Customer Service Agent
 Puurs  Road  L440 PUU 106 006
Junior Application Engineer
 Puurs & Gent  Solutions  R440 PUU 106 0018
Sales Assistant Coordinator
 Rekkem  Road  R440 RKM 106 0001
Team Leader
 Ghent  Solutions  L440 GNE 206 0003
Freight Forwarder Frankrijk
 Rekkem  Road  L440 GNE 106 0028